Welcome To SparkHopper

Our goal is to create professional crowdfunding videos and pages to help you successfully fund your projects!


Who Is SparkHopper?

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs and authors high quality services to help achieve their crowdfunding goals.

We operate with integrity and work closely with our clients to deliver quality services with 5 star reviews.

Meet Our Team

Lisa K
Lisa KFounder / Web Developer & Graphic Designer
I have a passion for Web Development, Graphic Design, and Social Media and have been working as a computer programmer, engineer and web developer for the last 15 years. I created SparkHopper on November 16, 2014 to help others accomplish their dreams by offering services for high quality crowdfunding campaigns.
M.K. Palmer
M.K. PalmerCo-Founder / Graphic Designer & Video Editor
A comic book writer, letterer, web developer, graphic designer, and video editor. I’ve worn many hats to create my comic books series called, MERAKI!


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