Do you need a video?

Let’s start with the first question many ask when faced with creating a video for their project… Is it really necessary? Both Kickstarter and Indiegogo sites have compiled the numbers, and the answer is the same across the board:
Yes, if you want to increase your chance of success!

“Videos are not required to launch, but projects that have compelling videos tend to succeed at a much higher rate.” –

“Did you know that crowdfunding campaigns with pitch videos raise four times more funds than those without?” –

Considering a video can drastically improve your campaign, use the following tips to create the best video!


Plan your video so that you have a clear and concise message. To keep people from bouncing, enter with a hook that interests them in what you are creating and keep the video shorter than 3 minutes. A short hook can take time to create, but the first few seconds can be critical in keeping someone tuned-in to your video.


Writing out a script will help you layout your video. An average person speaks 110-150 words per minute. As mentioned earlier try to keep your video under 3 minutes.

Start off by introducing your product by displaying the product, or at the very least, a prototype. The goal here is to show your product and how it is used.  Or, if your project is a comic, showcase the art and storyline.

People who pledge to a project like to know who’s the creator behind it.

Introduce yourself and your team to the viewers. Don’t be shy about sharing your passion. Tell us WHY we should pledge to your campaign.

Discuss your budget and let the viewers know why you need the funds and how you will execute your plan.


Pitch videos can easily be recorded on a mobile phone without having special equipment. Pay attention to lighting and open up some windows to work in natural light or add additional lights to brighten up the filming area. Try recording short clips, in the beginning, to determine sound quality of your voice and the background before doing the entire pitch. Sound quality is extremely important! Let me say this again, make certain your audio is clear – people will bounce if they can’t hear you!

Make sure you have the light source behind the camera for the best effect. Below is an example of proper lighting for your video.

Best Light Source for filming


Finding Extra Video Footage and Images

Sometimes you might need some help filling your video with footage you just don’t have. No worries, there are multiple sites that offer free videos and images.

Pixabay: Offers over 1 million photos, illustrations, and video for FREE!

Pexels: A great selection of stock photos that are free for commercial use.

Pexels Videos: A great selection of stock videos that are free for commercial use.

Vimeo: Free HD stock video footage, but you will need to signup for a free account.

Distill: Free beautiful curated HD videos for commercial use.


Adding background music to your video will take it to the next level.


YouTube: Download free music and sound effect for your project through YouTube’s Audio Library.


AudioJungle: Over half a million music and audio tracks starting at $1.


Now it’s time to upload and edit your videos.

First, you need to use a media converter to get the video into mp4 format.

IPhone Videos: iPhone video from the standard MOV format to MP4 using QuickTime Player. Go to QuickTime Player » Export » and select the format you want (iPhone/iPad) and change the file extension from “.MOV” to “.mp4”.

Android Videos: Use a media converter to convert the Android .3pg format to MP4 using a converter. An open source media converter is the free VLC player found here: VLC Player

For editing, we use Camtasia and Adobe After Effects but these are fairly expensive programs. If you don’t have these and don’t want to invest a lot in video creation, you can pick up a free version of Lightworks or Shotcut for simple edits.

YouTube also offers a free simple editor.

After you are happy with the layout and sound of your video, make sure to output your video as a 1080X1920 MP4 file.

And that’s it! You are all set to start creating your own great crowdfunding videos. We would love to see what you create, tag us on Facebook or Twitter @sparkhopper


Helpful Services

And for those of you that find this process a bit overwhelming but don’t want to spend $800-$1000 per minute which is the industry standard for corporate videos, we hear you. Contact SparkHopper and we can walk you through the different services we have available at a much more affordable rate.

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