Digital Image Assistance

Let our team handle the image adjustments needed for your designs. (7 images can be created)


What Is SparkHopper’s Digital Image Assistance Service?

Let SparkHopper’s digital image experts assist you with all of your imaging design needs, including resizing images, creating digital downloads, or modifying your images to fit on any-size computer screens or mobile devices.

(Note: We can assist you with up to seven high-quality images.)


How Does it Work?

Our design experts collaborate with you to turn your high-quality images into the perfect size for your creative needs. We do this by providing services in three key areas:

  • Image Resizing:
    We resize your images according to your exact specifications.
  • Digital Downloads:
    We convert your image or art into a perfectly sized downloadable digital wallpaper for your phone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Image Modification:
    Our team can also modify your images so that they display on a variety of devices, including Apple or Android tablets, smartphones, and computer or laptop screens.


What Will My Final Product Look Like?

Using your high-quality images, our SparkHopper image experts accurately resize your images so you can use them in any creative project, including Kickstarter or Indigogo campaigns, websites, Shopify, comics, and books. We help you tell a more compelling story by ensuring your images are crisp and clear and present imagery that connects with potential readers or backers.


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