What Is SparkHopper’s Digital Image Creation and 3D Mockup Service?

Rely on our creative professionals to help you create an eye-catching layout for your specific project, such as for your book, comic, or Kickstarter campaigns. In addition, we can bring your graphic novel, magazine, or paperback or hardback book to life by designing a beautifully customized 3D book mockup.


How Does it Work?

Working with images provided by you, SparkHopper image experts create 3D mockups of entire books, magazines, or comics. Or, if you need images for your Kickstarter or other projects, we can create those for you too.

  • 3D Book Mockups: Used mostly with comic books, graphic novels, magazines, and hardback or paperback books, our 3D book mockups include a visually appealing 3D book cover that opens up to stunning 3D book pages.
  • 3D Image Mockups: Let us turn one of your images or an image we create for you, into a 3D image mockup to apply to cylinder objects, glasses, cups, bags, coasters, tags, T-shirts, polo shirts, and hoodies.
  • Image Creation: Our SparkHopper design team can take an image you gave us or one we created, and design attention-grabbing headers and other elements that match the theme of your Kickstarter campaign or other customized projects you are working on. For example, for a Kickstarter campaign, we can use your images to design headers specific to your campaign theme that showcase each project section.


What Will My Final Product Look Like?

By designing customized images and 3D mockups, our goal is to create cohesive and striking visual imagery that ties your entire project together. Our ultimate mission is to help you entice potential crowdfunding backers or book readers to engage with your work.


1 image modification is included with this purchase.

If you have any questions, contact us now!