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What Is SparkHopper’s Crowdfunding Video Service?

Bring your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to life using SparkHopper’s customized Crowdfunding Video Service. Our professional and friendly team works with you to create a two-minute crowdfunding video that introduces your campaign and lets viewers know why they must back your project or risk losing out.

We strategically develop your video to concisely deliver your project’s mission and vision, including:

  • An attention-grabbing introduction
  • Customized video and music effects

How Does it Work?

SparkHopper’s customized, collaborative process is easy and stress-free. First, you provide our team with a video recording of yourself for “the pitch,” one of the most important parts of any Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.

We recommend that you use high-quality megapixel video equipment, such as a DSLR camera with video capability. But if you don’t have one, don’t worry! You can use a high-end smartphone, like an iPhone 5, or any other video recording device.

Next, send us any high-resolution artwork, product images, or logos that you’d like us to integrate into your video to help bring your project to life.

During our consultative phase, our expert video editor collaborates with you to determine what you expect out of your campaign video. We also provide helpful feedback on your pitch and suggest any necessary changes to maximize the impact of your project video.

Finally, we produce an attention-getting crowdfunding video for your campaign that effectively communicates your project message to potential backers.


What Will My Video Look Like?

Using the video, images, and any other materials and feedback you provide us, we produce a professional and appealing 120-second crowdfunding video for your crowdfunding campaign.

The high-quality 16:9 MP4 video we produce for you uses entertaining video effects and background music to engage viewers to take action.


Your video will be easy to upload to the Kickstarter or Indiegogo platform so you can get started pitching to potential backers immediately.

Here’s an example of a video with both the creative intro followed by the creator’s video. Adding a personal video helps users connect to the creator and is strongly suggested.





“Michelle did a great job on the video. She not only came up with an awesome intro to draw people in, but she edited and enhanced my own video to make it sound better. She is amazing, and I highly recommend SparkHopper!”
~James M. Dren Productions
“Have Michelle at SparkHopper do your video. She made it super-easy, always responded quickly, and just knocked it out of the park. Highly recommend.”  ~Clay A. Fried Comics


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